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26a King William Street, SN1 3LB. | Sundays @ 10:30am & Online
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Join us for our Sunday morning service, online booking no longer required. Otherwise, you can join us LIVE online on Facebook page or YouTube channel

Welcome to Assemblies Of God – King’s Christian Centre


International, Bible-based, family church in the heart of Old Town

Welcome to Assembly Of God in Swindon (Old Town), also known as King’s Christian Centre. We are an international, Bible-based, family church, in the heart of Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire. We are a Christian Fellowship with open arms to everyone.


Facebook, YouTube, ZOOM meetings

You can join us in our meetings physically (no booking required) join our Sunday morning service AND through Zoom for our mid-week services (details below). You can also watch our sunday service LIVE online through Facebook, YouTube.

For our usual Sunday morning service at 10:30am, go to our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/kccaogswindon/

Or watch on our church YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKLzcaal81KRaaGM8Xhg8cA

For our Mid-Week meetings using ZOOM

– Prayer Meetings on Tuesday & Saturday 7:30pm, and

– Bible Study/Fellowship meetings on Thursday 7:30pm,

Please email us at info@aogswindon.org.uk for ZOOM meeting details.

Also, below are details for our other meetings:

  • KingsYouth (for those aged 11 to 18 years old) : meeting at 7:30pm to 9:30pm, through ZOOM. Please email us info@aogswindon.org.uk for details
Scripture Verse 2023 - 2 Corinthians 5 v 20
Spiritual Desire is Vital Matthew 5:6Ministered by Pastor Malcolm Macqueen- Sun 11 Feb 2024 sermonSummary of "Spiritual Desire Is Vital" Sermon by Pastor MalcolmIn his sermon titled "Spiritual Desire Is Vital," Pastor Malcolm delves deep into the essence of spiritual hunger and its transformative power, anchored by the profound message of Matthew 5:6. He articulates how a true spiritual desire is not just a fleeting wish but a vital, necessary force that has the power to transform individuals, their circumstances, and even their personalities.Key Points Highlighted by Pastor Malcolm:(1) Transforms People: Spiritual desire initiates a transformative process within individuals, changing them from the inside out. Pastor Malcolm illustrates this with the story of Jacob, highlighting how God's touch changed Jacob's identity and destiny, from being a supplanter to becoming Israel, a man who wrestles with God and prevails.(2) Transforms Circumstances: Pastor moves on to explain how spiritual desire can alter our external situations, drawing from biblical examples like Noah, Joseph, and the nation of Israel. These stories exemplify how faith and reliance on God can lead us from captivity to freedom, from trials to triumphs.(3) Transforms Personalities: Finally, Pastor Malcolm discusses the impact of spiritual desire on our personalities. He stresses that it's not enough for our circumstances to change; our inner selves must undergo transformation to reflect the character of Christ, shedding fear for a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.Inspirational Message:"Embrace spiritual desire as a vital component of your faith journey. It's the key to transforming not only who you are but how you navigate life's challenges and opportunities. Let your hunger for righteousness lead you to a life of profound change and divine fulfillment."Discussion Points for Reflection:1) Reflect on your current spiritual desires. Are they leading you towards transformation?2) Consider how your circumstances might be an opportunity for God to manifest His power in your life.3) Evaluate how your personality has been shaped by your spiritual journey. Are there areas in need of God's transformative touch?4) How can you cultivate a deeper spiritual hunger that seeks God above all else?Key Things to Consider as an Individual:- The importance of maintaining spiritual desire as you age, ensuring it does not wane but grows stronger.- Reflect on how God is calling you to be transformed, not just in your circumstances but fundamentally as a person.- Consider the legacy of faith you're building and how it reflects in your daily walk with God.Through this sermon, Pastor Malcolm invites us to explore the depth of our spiritual desire, urging us to seek God's transformative power in every aspect of our lives. It's a call to deepen our faith, to embrace change, and to live in the fullness of God's blessings.youtu.be/UN4LT8Iuq7s#SpiritualDesire #TransformationInChrist #FaithJourney #BeTransformed #HungerForRighteousness ... See MoreSee Less
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In Brother Joel's inspiring sermon "God is our Hope and Future," based on Jeremiah 29:11, he emphasises the profound promise God gives us about knowing the plans He has for us - plans for prosperity, hope, and a future. The sermon delves into the history of Israel's exile and God’s faithfulness, highlighting that even in the darkest times, God has not abandoned us. Brother Joel encourages us to seek God rather than His plans, reminding us of God's omniscience and love. He uses the story of Joseph and other biblical examples to illustrate how God turns our trials into triumphs and our failures into futures. The sermon is a powerful reminder that our hope lies in God, who knows and cares for us deeply.Key Points:1. God's promise in Jeremiah 29:11 is not just comforting words, but a guarantee of hope and a prosperous future.2. The importance of seeking God, not just His plans, for understanding and peace.3. Forgiveness and faithfulness to God are crucial in overcoming life's trials.4. The transformative power of God, who can turn grim situations into hopeful outcomes.Discussion Points:- How can we actively seek God in our daily lives, especially during difficult times?- In what ways can forgiveness play a role in our spiritual growth and future?- How does understanding God's nature as omniscient and loving affect our trust in His plans for us?Consider:- Reflecting on personal experiences where faith in God transformed a challenging situation.- Discussing the role of community and fellowship in building and maintaining hope.- Contemplating the difference between worldly solutions and God’s solutions in times of despair.youtu.be/jOt8YgPVp3I#GodIsOurHopeAndFuture #Jeremiah2911 #ChristianHope #FaithInTrials #SeekGodFirst #BiblicalWisdom #TransformationThroughFaith #ForgivenessAndFuture ... See MoreSee Less
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Summary of Pastor Rob Baldwin's Sermon "Repairing The Altar" (I Kings 18:30-39) of Sunday 21 January 2024In his stirring sermon "Repairing The Altar," Pastor Rob delves into the profound narrative of Elijah in I Kings 18:30-39. He draws parallels between the biblical story and contemporary Christian life, emphasising the significance of rebuilding our personal, family, and church altars. Pastor Rob underscores Elijah's ordinariness, asserting that, like us, he experienced highs and lows yet stood firm in his faith. The sermon highlights the descent of God's nation into idolatry and immorality, and Elijah's bold decision to take a stand when no one else would.Key Points:1. Elijah's Prayer and Intercession: The power of persistent prayer, as Elijah did, based on God's word.2. Rebuilding Personal Altars: The importance of personal devotion and presenting ourselves as living sacrifices to God.3. The Power of the Family Altar: The crucial role of establishing spiritual practices within the family, and the impact this has on future generations.4. The Church as a Collective Altar: The need for collective worship and prayer within the church community.5. The Presence, Voice, and Fire of God: Experiencing God's presence, hearing His voice, and seeking the fire of the Holy Spirit in our lives.Discussion Points:- Reflect on your personal 'altar': How are you nurturing your relationship with God through prayer and scripture?- Consider the role of family in faith: How can you incorporate or strengthen spiritual practices in your family life?- Evaluate your participation in church: Are you actively engaged in communal worship and prayer?- Contemplate the influence of modern 'idols': What distracts you from focusing on God, and how can you address these distractions?By rebuilding our altars, as Elijah did, we can deepen our faith, strengthen our families, and powerfully impact our communities. Let's take inspiration from Pastor Rob's message and actively seek to repair our altars.youtu.be/nMa3PGI9WNw#RepairingTheAltar #ElijahsFaith #PrayerPower #FamilyAltar #ChurchCommunity #SpiritualRevival #LivingSacrifices #HolySpiritFire #ChristianDevotion #BiblicalWisdom ... See MoreSee Less
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"Wanting God"Exodus 33:18Ministered by Pastor David Fiddy - Sun 14 Jan 2024 sermonSummary of Pastor David's Sermon "Wanting God" based on Exodus 33:18:In this stirring sermon, Pastor David delves into the profound longing for God's presence, as exemplified by Moses in Exodus 33. He explores the crucial theme of desiring and recognising God's glory in our daily lives.Key Points:1. Seeking God's Ways: Emphasising the importance of understanding and following God's ways to truly know Him and find favour in His eyes.2. God's Presence as Essential: Highlighting Moses' insistence on God's presence being integral to the distinctiveness and success of His people.3. The Audacity of Seeking God's Glory: Encouraging believers to audaciously seek a deeper revelation of God's glory.4. The Tangibility of God's Glory: Discussing the substantial, weighty nature of God's glory and its transformative power in believers’ lives.5. The Imperative of Worship: Stating the vital role of worship in experiencing and manifesting God's glory.6. Guarding Against Spiritual Complacency: Warning against habits and attitudes that can diminish or obscure God's glory.Discussion Points for Consideration:1. How can we practically seek God's ways in our daily lives?2. In what ways do we experience God's presence, and how does it set us apart?3. What does seeking God's glory mean to you, and how can we apply it in our faith walk?4. Discuss the importance of worship in experiencing God's presence.5. Share personal experiences where you felt a significant transformation through God's glory.#WantingGod #SeekHisGlory #divinepresence #TransformedByWorship #MosesExperience #christianlife #spiritualjourney#Christmas ... See MoreSee Less
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"You shall be my people"Jeremiah 30:22Ministered by Pastor David Padmarajan- Sun 07 Jan 2024 sermonIn Pastor David's moving sermon, "You Shall Be My People," based on Jeremiah 30:22 KJV, he delves deep into the heart of God's promises to His people. The sermon revolves around three transformative messages:(1) I Will Save Them from Their Sin: Pastor David emphasises God's unwavering commitment to redeem us from sin, referencing Ezekiel 37:23 and 36:29. He urges us to shun idolatry and rely on God for spiritual cleansing and redemption.(2) I Will Restore Them: Drawing on scriptures such as Amos 9:14 and Jeremiah 33:26, the Pastor paints a vivid picture of God’s promise to restore us - a restoration that encompasses both our physical realities and our spiritual wellbeing.(3) I Will Satisfy Them: The sermon concludes on a high note with the assurance of divine satisfaction. Through scriptures like Jeremiah 31:14 and Psalm 81:16, Pastor David assures us of God’s abundant blessings that bring true contentment.Throughout, Pastor David’s message is clear: God's presence is a constant in our lives, offering salvation, restoration, and satisfaction. This powerful sermon invites us to reflect on our relationship with God and consider how we embrace His role in our lives.The sermon radiates hope and reassurance, emphasising that despite life's challenges, God's presence and promises remain steadfast. He urges believers to trust in God's plan and to recognise their identity as God's chosen people.Discussion Points for Consideration:- Reflect on areas in your life that need God’s saving grace.- How can we more fully embrace our identity as God's people?- Consider how God’s promise of restoration can manifest in your personal challenges.- Contemplate the nature of true satisfaction and how it can be found in God’s blessings.- What steps can we take to trust in His promises of salvation, restoration, and satisfaction in our everyday lives?Pastor David’s sermon is not just a message, but an invitation to experience the profound love and promises of God. It's a beacon of hope for anyone seeking spiritual guidance and reassurance in their faith journey.Key Message: Embrace God’s promise to save, restore, and satisfy. Reflect on your life and relationship with Him.youtu.be/imBv4H8cpq4#YouShallBeMyPeople #SavedByGrace #Restoration #DivineSatisfaction #FaithInGod ... See MoreSee Less
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